VF-2SS StarSlinger

Variable Space Superiority Fighter


VF-2SS Starslinger

Variable Starfighter

Craft: Loronar VF-2SS Starslinger

Alignment: Independent

Era: Rebellion

Type: Variable starfighter

Scale: Starfighter

Length: 12.7 meters

Skill: Starfighter piloting/Walker Operation

Crew: 1

Passengers: 1

Cargo Capacity: 110 kg

Consumables: 1 week

Cost: 140,000 (New Only)

Maneuverability: 3D

Space: 10

Atmosphere: 415; 1,200 km/h

Move: 35; 100 km/h walking

Hull: 4D

Shields: 1D


Passive: 20/0D

Scan: 40/1D

Search: 60/2D

Focus: 3/3D


2 Blaster Cannons (fire-linked)

Fire Arc: Turret (Head)

Skill: Starship gunnery

Fire Control: 1D

Space Range: 1-5/10/17

Atmosphere Range: 100-500/1/1.7 km

Damage: 5D

Two Proton Torpedo Launchers

Fire Arc: Front (Wings)

Skill: Starship gunnery

Ammo: 6 torpedoes each

Space Range: 1/3/7

Atmosphere Range: 30-100/300/700 m

Damage: 9D

Handheld Cannon

Optional Heavy Laser Cannon, Twin Heavy Ion Cannon, or other equivalent not included in price of fighter

Optional Booster Packs

The 2SS can have booster packs attached for extra features, heavier weapons, additional shields, or even a hyperdrive. The systems cost about three times the equivalent price for freighter gear of the same type and can be up to 10 tons maximum.


The VF-2SS is based on the Neipas variable fighters but is made by Loronar with state of the art technology making it superior to most modern fighters in many key areas. The ability to change into a ground unit was seen as impractical by some, but Lara Loronar argued the walker features and hands would greatly increase the versatility of the fighter. Overall the fighter is too expensive for planets to consider it a viable alternative and the rebels feel the X-wing’s more powerful and accurate guns make up for the lack of speed, as well as having a hyperdrive standard in the Incom design.

VF-2SS StarSlinger

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