SB-3 frigid super battle droid

Snow Droid


The SB-3 frigid super battle droid, more commonly known as snow droids, were a modification of the basic Confederate super battle droids used by the Trade Federation, Confederacy of Independent Systems, the New Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Droid Empire. Snow droids were created specially by Baktoid Combat Automata, the main droid manufacturer of the Confederacy, to solve the problem of regular battle droids and super battle droids performing lower than usual standards in icy environments. They were considered to be very effective. Snow droids were much taller than the other droids. Other features of the snow droids were that they wore white plating to camouflage them in the snow, and they were capable of handling a handheld blaster and the blaster mounted to their wrist.


Snow droids won and lost many battles during the Clone Wars. Major battles they fought in included the battles of Rhen Var, Ilum, Diado, Nelvaan, and Mygeeto. After the main control signal of all the battle droids on every planet, was disabled, snow droids, like the rest of the Confederate armies, were shut down. However, after the Clone Wars, they indirectly inspired the Galactic Empire’s snowtroopers, because the Empire knew that they needed a special unit for use on the snowy terrain, to increase efficiency in terrains their basic unit could not.

SB-3 frigid super battle droid

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