Sabacc Deck

The Gambler's Best Friend


A card game played in most every casino, it involves a standard deck of four suits (sabres, coins, flasks, and staves), each having 11 regular cards (1-11) and four ranked cards (the Commander, The Mistress, the Master, and the Ace). The ranked cards are valued from 12-15. The standard deck also includes 2 sets of 8 face cards, known as The Idiot (0), the Queen of Air and Darkness (/-2), Endurance (/-8), Balance (/-11), Demise (/-13), Moderation (/-13), the Evil One (/-15), and the Star (+/-17). Note that some claim there are only 72 cards in a sabacc deck. Non-standard sabacc decks have included such face cards as Chance, Hazard, the Satellite, The Wheel, and The Damaged Starship, among others. The object is to come as close to +/-23 as possible. A score of greater than 23, less than -23, or 0 is a “bomb-out.” There are multiple rounds played, and wagering occurs in each round. Two pots may be won; one for each hand, and one for the entire match. There are 5 major forms.


Sabacc Deck

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