R-1 Recon Droid

The R-1 recon droid was a standard-issue reconnaissance droid


A small floating droid, R-1 lacked any tools of hands, but could move through the openings that most of its potential targets couldn’t. Its internal blaster allowed it to track most prey with ease and ocassionly even take out foe by itself. It could be used to scout areas without risking a living observer, spot targets for long-range sniper fire or starship bombardment, seek out wanted criminals or follow suspects back to base of operations.

The R-1 recon droid was equipped with an internal orbital strike beacon with a high-power transmitter. Once active, friendly starships in orbit could lock onto the beacon’s position and deliver a devastating, high-precision orbital strike. While not specifically intended as a self-destruct mechanism, per se, by using the beacon the droid was essentially calling in an orbital strike against itself, which it typically did not survive.


The R-1 recon droid was a standard-issue reconnaissance droid used by Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. It was built by Arakyd Industries and was based on design of the DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droid, originally created by the Sith. The R-1 was popular with snipers, planetary garrisons and shock troops. Some of them have also found a way into the hands of smugglers, bounty hunters and other independent operations.

R-1 Recon Droid

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