Phoenix Pilot Stealth Suit

Stealth Suit


Enhanced DiChrome Camouflage System: +3D Snaek

Enhanced Sensor making/spoofer system: +3D vs. Sensors

Radiation Shielding/Deflection: +3D vs Radiation Sickness

Thermal Regulation/Exposure protection: +1D Survival

Retractable swimfins/boosters: +3D Swimming

Suregrip climbing adhesion: +3D Climbing

Macrobinocular/Broadspectrum vision booster: +3D Search

Gravboot System (Maneuver 1D, Speed 30, Altitude 100M, Powersuit Op.)

6 Hour air supply (Regulated for space/underwater use)


The standard commando pilot suit combines the lightweight high mobility skinsuit with the camouflage and survival features of a versatech jumpsuit. The webbing includes ample pockets for gear while the helmet incorporates a macrobinocular visor similar to the Scout Trooper enhanced with nightvision and a whisper-mask comlink. Early versions incorporated armor, but due to complaints of mobility loss the armor was dropped from newer versions.


Phoenix Pilot Stealth Suit

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