Kamahl 375SR Shadow Rifle

Enhanced Sniper Rifle

weapon (ranged)

Requested by Kamahl Smith from the Verpine technical crew the Shadow Rifle is a larger and armored version of the Phoenix Sniper Rifle.


The gun incorporates a knock-off of the Loronar Sighting System, an armored shell with sensor baffling and a polychromatic finish. Like the Verpine Shatter Guns it is silent and nearly recoilless but has even better range, damage, and is reinforced to withstand the rigors of field use. It is notably heavier than other rifles and costs as much as the average merc makes over the course of their entire career but it has unbeatable range and firepower for those lucky enough to be able to afford one.

Model: Kamahl 375SR

Type: Magnetic Accelerator Weapon

Scale: Character

Skill: Firearms: Slugthrower

Ammo: 100

Cost: 250,000 cr.

Availability: 4X

Body: 2D+2

Armor: 2D+2 Energy/3D+2 Physical

Range: 50-1 km/2.25 km/3.75 km

Fire Control: 3D+2

Damage: 8D+2

Stealth Features: Adds 3D+2 to hide checks to avoid visual and sensor detection and 3D+2 to the difficulty of hearing a shot from the rifle.

Magazines are 1750 cr each and have 100 shots and the energy cell necessary to fire them.


Manufactured at the Heliopolis compound, formerly Loronar before they pulled out of the system, on Shesharile in limited numbers these rather exclusive rifles aren’t exported or advertised so those who learn of them must track down the source, probably through Gus’s Diner, and travel to Shesharile to purchase one.

Kamahl 375SR Shadow Rifle

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