Heliopolis Compound

Shipyard and manufacturing center


The compound sits Southeast of the main Starport and the East end of the main boulevard running through Gallisport to the Starport. Southwest of the complex is the sprawl of I’togg’s tenement buildings. Northeast of the complex is a cliff overlooking a beach and the Gallis Sea. The North end of the complex is dominated by a large power station, the main source of power for all of Gallisport. The Main Gate sits along the cliff at the Southeast junction point and exits onto a coastal highway toward the numerous coastal resorts.

Entering the West Gate, you pass through a housing district, complete with schools, an immense park and a hospital. A miniature corporate city of towers surrounded by manufacturing facilities and open areas of plaza, parking and parade grounds lies beyond. Then comes the massive shipyards and factory yards leading to the coastline.

When Loronar pulled out they sold the factory to Rath (and unknown to most a small conglomerate of former commandos). Rath recruited Jade Scarlet to run the business side of the operation while he went out to use his talents for recruiting new employees and digging up resources.

Rath sees the corporation as an opportunity to prevent Shesharile from falling into utter decay and perhaps even bring the planets up into modern and livable places people desire to be. His lofty ambitions hint that he may still be a bit naive although his determination was enough to draw some supporters and a spectacular comeback performance in Tapani has his name circulating in mainstream social circles again.

The Phoenix conglomerate currently has an investment of 12 million in the business while Rath has added an additional 10 million in personal funds and 5 million as a stock option bonus for Jade Scarlet. Rath also arranged for the salvage of an old battlefield and while the full value of the salvaged craft has not been realized they will come in at around 500 million depending on how they are restored and used.


Manufacturers of the Strike-class capital ship, Loronar was loyal to the Empire. It’s double-moon logo proclaimed “All the finest – all the first.” Loronar sells a wide variety of products, ranging from warships to droids to battlestations.

The Loronar Corporation was a major diversified firm based out of the Meridian Sector with primary holdings in defense, droid and mining operations. With a reputation for exceptional corporate greed, Loronar had a sordid history of manipulation and exploitation in the pursuit of profit.

For millennia, Loronar produced a wide variety of products, but was best known for its military hardware produced through its Loronar Defense Industries subsidiary. The Loronar range of products contained everything from infantry weapons to space stations. Loronar’s products were sold to governments, mercenaries, private interests and any other party willing to pay the price.

After the fall of the Galactic Republic, Loronar was quick to align itself with Palpatine’s New Order, but was also responsible for arming Rebel Alliance and even turned five hundred procent profit in ten years of arming them. During the military build up that followed the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Loronar received a lucrative contract for the production of capital ships like the versatile Strike-class cruiser and massive Torpedo Spheres.

In spite of some initial difficulties there is still amiable relations between Heliopolis and Loronar with some Loronar products being produced under contract and Loronar is backing new product research done by Heliopolis in exchange for the right to license and particularly profitable designs that come from the research.

Heliopolis Compound

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