AV-6 Combat Aerodyne

Military version of the AV-4


This model bears little resemblance to its AV-4 cousin. While the integral chassis was used in the design, the heavy repulsor coils, armor and integral weapon mounts distinguish this as a military and security vehicle.

Basic Model carries 1 ton, a driver, a gunner and 10 passengers. Top speed 650 kmh. Cost 23,000 credits. Maneuver 1d, Body 4d, 1050 meter ceiling. Comes standard with two concussion missile launchers and and auto blaster turret.


This model saw immediate popularity on Shesharile 5 and 6, but once the initial rush to acquire them died down, sales slowed to a trickle. It saw very little popularity except on more primitive worlds, primarily in the Outer Rim.

AV-6 Combat Aerodyne

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