AV-5 Airshark

Service Model (Cabs, Cop Cars, Etc...)


Still not capable of leaving atmosphere, this series underwent a number of body variations on the basic chassis. Police cars, taxis, civilian sedans, etc… By far, one of the most successful runs of the series. This model does not have wheels or landing struts, performing like a landspeeder on the ground and an airspeeder in the air. It is not nearly as fast as some airspeeders, but by cutting back on performance Loronar managed to keep the price down comparatively and boost sales.

Carries 1 driver plus 5 passenger. 300 kg of cargo. 100 meter ceiling. Body 1d+2, Top Speed 200 kmh, Maneuver 1d. Costs 4000 credits new, 2000 used


AV-5 Airshark

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