Sage Tymon



Sage is your typical charming Corellian gunfighter/gambler. Flashy clothes, flashy smile, and a flashy DL-44 that he is not scared to draw and use in a tight situation.If he is ever scruffy looking it is because he has been at the card tables gambling and drinking Corellian whiskey and smoking Corellian cigars for the past 2 or 3 days.


Recently he was doing odd jobs in the Neipas System sector. He was at a card game that he thought he was going to win big so he threw the keys to his ship into the pot and lost it. After that he started working for a Twi’lek named Kat. Then found out a Corellian named Rath was hiring and was giving a better deal then Kat. He worked for Rath as a transport pilot /gunslinger. Then he made friends with Kamahl Smith they where trying to figure a way to kill Kat and split the 10 million credits bounty on her head and succeeded with a toilet bomb. :) Sorry Kat

Sage Tymon

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