Kat Fortuna

twi'lek jedi killed for ten million credits


2 Lightsabers, Sniper Blaster Rifle, Survival Pack, Commando Suit, Jedi Robes, Dancing costume,2 frag granands


Kat Fortuna was born in Jabba’s palace 28 years ago to Fortuna and a Twi’lek dancing girl; was later sold to Poojoo the hutt on Nar Shada, and later escaped and was making a living as a pickpocket.
One day she stole a data-chip from a Imperial officer. As she was trying to sell it, her and the rebel she was attempting to sell it to were caught by the Imperials and sent to Despaye.
Two years in a slave camp on Despeye taught her how to defend herself and have a minor use the force.
Two years later she was rescued by the rebels when they raided Despeye, they took her to Dac and from there Neipas where she was thought to be a Jedi, commando, and later joined the Phoenix commando squadron.

Kat Fortuna

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