STAR WARS – Spy Games (ABY-1)

After the Battle of Yavin the Phoenix Squadron relocated to Colossus Base to do raids on Imperial operations along the Hydian Way and the Corellian Trade Route. The ISB learned of the operation through an Imperial spy and set up Phoenix Squadron to go into an ambush where they would be eradicated by the Night Ravens, an elite unit of Storm Commandos.

After the Ambush the remaining members of Phoenix Squadron learned the Colossus base had also been ruined. Taking on the refugees from the base they fled to Neipas, but then learned that the ISB had struck a deal with local leaders to turn on them as well. Fleeing the Aesad Aerap sector they found their way to the Vergesso Pirate Port and made a deal with Loronar.

The group is separated from Loronar, but with the factory holding they now have the opportunity to produce their own products. Rath is once again distancing himself from the rebellion and investing heavily into building an industrial base on Shesharile. A development elsewhere might be more profitable but part of the goal is to rebuild the economically devastated planets.

In an attempt to save his mother and the other Jedi being slaughtered on Phrym by the Night Ravens Rath had his first brush with the darkside when he used his now much more formidable force powers to destroy the Night Ravens Carrier. In the end he was only able to save his mother and two other Jedi from the purge, although there was little chance they would have survived had he not arrived when he did. So far Rath has resisted the temptation to let the dark energy within him aid in his efforts, but he has not taken the time to sufficiently atone and purify himself.

Flambeaux and the remaining members of the first Phoenix Squadron have been called in to help the raiding party acquire control of a loaded Bacta transport. If the mission succeeds it would give the rebellion a critical boost in the ability to provide medical care to their soldiers.